FPF Equipped with Arms to combat effectively the timber sumugglers and encroachers.
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-Welcome to official website of Jammu & Kashmir Forest Protection Force



The state government accords high priority to protection of state forests and in view of the same has raised Forest Protection Force in pursuance to cabinet decision No.12/7 dated 2.12.1996, by establishing protection Gamma Units in each of the territorial forest divisions covering the state excluding Ladkh region. Subsequently the “J&K Forest (Protection) Act 2001” was enacted to provide legal support to the Force envisaging that Forest Protection Force shall be an Armed Force of the State on the pattern of Police Department. The force is headed by Director of the rank of Additional Principal Chief Conservator of Forests Headquarter office of which is in move. Under the command of Director there are two regional offices located at Srinagar and Jammu called Delta Headquarters headed by Joint Directors of the rank of Conservator of Forests followed by Deputy Directors which are the heads of Gamma Units, counterparts of the territorial DFOs. Each Gamma Unit has two Beta Units and five Alpha Units headed by Assistant Directors and Inspectors respectively to be located one each in territorial forest divisions to assist the Forest Department and sister departments in protection of forests like illicit felling, encroachments, poaching, forest fires and illegal extraction/transportation of non timber forest products etc.






* Addendum to Order No. 752 DFPF of 2015 dated 04-09-2015.   

*Seniority List of FPF Guards, Jammu Zone vide Order No. 344 DFPF of 2015 dated 31-03-2015.

* Tentative Seniority List of FPF Guards, Kashmir Zone vide Order No. 345 DFPF of 2015 dated 31-03-2015.


*Seniority List of FPF Guards, Kashmir Zone vide Order No. 752 DFPF of 2015 dated 04-09-2015.

* Tentative Seniority List of FPF Inspectors,vide Order No. 458 DFPF of 2016 dated 29-04-2016.


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